This was originally published on by Jackie Roberts on Feb 21, 2018

Sentencing delayed again for a suspended Erie Police Officer charged with a drunk driving death, and our viewers are reaching out to us, wanting answers.  It’s Your Story we’re looking into tonight…

The sentencing for Cheryl Frey has been delayed at least six times.  Frey is charged with the February 2017 death of Wade Schulze following a crash on Route 99.  She pleaded guilty in August to homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.

The most recent hearing was pushed back so her attorney could look for more information on how fast Schulze was traveling at the time of the crash.  Attorneys tell us sentencing should occur within 90 days of the plea unless someone raises a good cause to postpone.

Stephan Sebald,  Attorney, says, “If you’re dealing with scientific evidence that an expert has to examine, sometimes that can take up to a year. So, I don’t know what stage this motion was submitted or for what reason, but if it’s a reason like that, certainly, that would be just cause to continue it.”

Sebald also says if Frey has set bail and shown up for every court appearance, she wouldn’t be asked to wait for the sentencing behind bars.