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Erie Criminal Defense Lawyers

When working with Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox, you always come first. Our practice and experience makes us aggressive criminal defense and DUI lawyers, but we also practice in other areas including family lawelder lawreal estate law and personal injury law in Erie, PA and Meadville, PA. Our defense lawyers bring extensive jury trial experience to our practice. Whether you’re facing felony charges in Erie County, dealing with a work injury case in Crawford County or need help with real estate transactions in Warren County, we are here for you.

Best Criminal Lawyers In Erie, PA

If you have been charged with a crime, don’t settle for a court-appointed attorney. You deserve aggressive representation from a trusted criminal defense attorney in Erie County. You can minimize or remove your criminal charges by working with a knowledgeable and experienced criminal attorney at Sebald, Hackwelder, & Knox

Why Choose Us As Your Criminal Defense Attorneys?

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We understand this point of your life can be tense, confusing, and frustrating. The best thing you can do after an arrest is immediately set up a free case consultation with our criminal defense attorneys. We have extensive experience in defending clients in court who have been charged with a crime in Erie, PA.  When working with us, you can rest assured knowing that your criminal case is in good hands – no matter what criminal offense charges you are facing.

Featured Practice Areas


DUI Defense

Impairment charges including: No Refusal, Intoxication Assault, Intoxicated Manslaughter.


Family Law

Family law cases involving adoption, custody, divorce, guardianship, child support and more.


Estate Planning

Take the necessary steps to evaluate and complete your estate plan.


Criminal Defense

Defending individuals against prosecutions for criminal and regulatory offenses.


Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured from an accident causing serious injuries or death.


Real Estate

Real estate matters can involve big decisions and even bigger investments.

Client Reviews

Attorney Justin Smith is hands down the best. He is well known in the court room and presents himself very well. He was always there when I had a question or was worrying about something and would respond immediately. Do yourself a favor and use him for legal matters. This man did an awesome job and got my life back for me!
Eric's great, nice that someone believes in you when you haven't done what you've been accused of...professional firm all the way.
SaLaura Zollner
SaLaura Zollner
Professional friendly and trust worthy! My husband and I use their services prior and will use them again in the future!!!
Julie Anne
Julie Anne
Choosing to having Attorney Justin Smith represent me was hands down the best decision, and one that I would make again without hesitation if in need. Attorney Smith is not only incredibly knowledgable in the field and highly respected, but he is also kind, compassionate, and genuine. He worked tirelessly on my case, handled each curve ball with grace, and the outcome was better than I could have ever imagined. Not to mention, he was there to answer every single question I had (no matter how trivial) and helped put me at ease every time I called. Attorney Smith helped me through several tough days without even knowing it, and I will be forever grateful. If you're reading this review, you're probably looking for someone to represent you and doing your research. Do yourself a favor and give Attorney Smith a call. I promise you will be in great hands and will not regret having him on your side. He's simply the best!
Kendra Bishop
Kendra Bishop
Attorney DOUG SULLIVAN is the most most kind and intelligent man.He made shur I understood everything and was there with me every step of the way..and my charges were dropped..I highly recommend if you ever need an attorney Doug SULLIVAN is your man.Thank you so much for all you did for me ..100% Top notch attorney and I'm very greatful you took my case and I had the pleasure of getting to know you 😊
Eric Ballentine
Eric Ballentine
I was facing some pretty steep consequences when I contacted Attorney Sebald. He listened to my situation and did an amazing job with my case. I couldn't imagine getting the results I did. I'm definitely glad I was pointed in his direction and would recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer.
Eric Purchase
Eric Purchase
These lawyers are aggressive, knowledgeable, professional and ethical. You would do well to choose them as your advocates.