By: Stephen Sebald

Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson have been buzzing around the media in recent history. However, they are not the first of NFL players to find themselves in legal trouble. The NFL has been plagued with crime from drugs and DUI’s to domestic violence and even, murder.

Here are the players that earned their way to the top of the list:

 1.     Orenthal James Simpson

In one of the most infamous cases, OJ Simpson was charged with the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown, and her lover Ronald Goldman. OJ got off scot-free when the jury found him not guilty of the two murders.

2.     Eric Naposki

Naposki, former New England Patriot, is now serving life in prison for the murder of Bill McLaughlin. Naposki killed McLaughlin so that his girlfriend, Nanette Johnston, could collect McLaughlin’s life insurance policy.

3.     Aaron Hernandez

Hernandez, former tight end for the New England Patriots, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Ordin Lloyd. As if life behind bars wasn’t enough for Hernandez, he is facing charges for a double homicide that occurred in Boston in 2012.

4.     Darrell Russell

In 2002, Russell, along with two of his friends videotaped themselves as they raped and attacked a woman. Russell was arrested, but the prosecutors dropped the chargers before the case made it to trial.

5.     Ray Lewis

Back in 2000, Ray Lewis was indicted for two murders. During a Super Bowl Party, Lewis got into an altercation with two men, who were later found stabbed to death. A search revealed that the suit he wore that night contained the blood of the victims. The case was dropped before it made it to trial. While it still remains a mystery, it is believed that Lewis paid the victim’s families to dismiss the charges.

6.     Jim Dunaway

In 1998 Jim Dunaway’s wife, Nonneil, was found dead in a pool. The autopsy revealed a fractured skull and that she was unconscious prior to being in the pool, making Jim the primary suspect. With a lack of evidence, Jim walked away unscathed.

7.     Keith Wright

Wright was found guilty of nineteen charges after being arrested for a connection with sexual assaults and home invasions. He was sentenced to 234 years and eight months in prison.

8.     Jovan Belcher

In December 2012, Belcher committed suicide shortly after killing the mother of his three-month old daughter.

9.     Dwayne Lewis Goodrich

Cornerback from the Dallas Cowboys, Goodrich, served eight years for a hit and run that killed two people.

10.    Robert Rozier

Rozier wasn’t an NFL player for long. After six games he was let go from the St. Louis Cardinals for suspected drug abuse. Rozier ran into trouble when he joined a black supremacist group. After admitting to the murder of seven people, Rozier was sentenced for ten years.

Whether you are a football player or a seemingly average Joe, charges like sexual assault, homicide, and murder are no laughing matter.  In the event you are facing accusations such as these, seek legal assistance immediately.  The only chance you have of making it out of the situation without a lengthy prison term is by hiring a seasoned defense attorney.  Here at Sebald, Hackwelder, & Knox, we have the experience and skills necessary to help you through this difficult time.  Call us today to discuss your case at (814) 833-1987.