This article was originally published on Multimedia by Daryl Chin on April 10, 2016. 


“Exclusive – Murder on Ninth Street”, the headline read.

The details in the accompanying story are vivid – a 75-year-old man is suspected of murdering his wife with a hammer in a small Pennsylvania town named Selinsgrove earlier this month.

The reporter, acting on a tip-off, rushed down to the scene before the other news agencies caught wind of the tragedy. She interviewed the couple’s neighbours, pressed the police for a statement, and furnished the online report with photos and a video.

“I’m working hard on this investigation,” she says in a short 30-second clip.

By all accounts, reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak did her job reporting the news well. The other news agencies filed their stories only several hours later.

But many netizens took issue with the fact that Hilde was not – in their opinion – a “real” journalist. Perhaps it could be because she is just nine years old.

Nine-year-old reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak drew criticism as well as praise from netizens for reporting on
a possible murder on her news websiteOrange Street News. PHOTO: HILDE KATE LYSIAK/ YOUTUBE

Hilde, who operates the website Orange Street News, is the daughter of New York Daily News reporter Matthew Lysiak.

Her first story, written two years ago in December 2014, was on the birth of her younger sister Juliet, where she interviewed their mother. “We had the baby because we love children and wanted to have more,” Mrs Bridget Lysiak was quoted as saying.

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