By Stephen Sebald

It isn’t unusual for a teenager to be mischievous and try to break a few rules. However, the fun of sneaking around and doing what you please can come to an abrupt stop if you are caught shoplifting. Shoplifters cannot be pigeonholed into one specific demographic group. People who steal can be of any race, age, or gender, and can have different reasons for doing what they do. However, shoplifters generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Professional shoplifters: These people steal in order to resell the items. They typically take high end, expensive goods.
  2. Amateur shoplifters: Most people fall into this group. These people see an opportunity to steal while casually shopping and impulsively make the decision while in the moment.

Shoplifting may seem all fun-and-games in the moment, but there is no skirting around the fact that it is stealing, which can lead to consequences like being arrested or charged with a crime. Some people, especially teenagers, don’t realize how serious shoplifting can be until they are caught.

Many parents are also unaware that their teen is even shoplifting until they are caught. Parents and friends often wonder why they would do such a thing. Some teens steal because they feel peer-pressured to do it. Others shoplift because they want things that they can’t afford. Some get a rise out of challenging authority and want to see how much they can get away with. It’s also been found that teens shoplift to get back at a store that they don’t like. By stealing, they think it will hurt the store’s profits.

Whatever the reason might be, it is not the answer to another problem. If your teen is caught shoplifting, they could face serious consequences like being arrested, face charges of theft, and end up with a criminal record which will affect their chances of getting into college as well as obtaining future employment. If they are lucky, they might just be banned from that store or mall.

If you have a child who has been charged with shoplifting, they can be helped before it is too late. Like mentioned above, many people don’t realize how serious the consequences are. Contact an experienced attorney versed in juvenile law right away. Don’t let a mistake tarnish your teenager’s future. Resolve the issue today by calling the Sebald, Hackwelder, & Knox Law Firm for a free consultation at (814) 833-1987.