This article was originally published on The Huffington Post on July 17, 2013 by Meredith Bennett-Smith

Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen!

A pair of hapless burglary suspects in McAlester, Okla., found themselves in hot water last week after authorities say one of the men inadvertently butt-dialed police.

“Never have I seen or heard of anything like this,” Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns told local NBC affiliate KJRH.

On Friday evening, 23-year-old Payton Seth Brewer and an accomplice allegedly broke into a home and made away with money, jewelry and a gun, the station notes.

But the suspects’ plan hit a snag when one butt-dialed authorities. As Pittsburg County dispatchers listened with astonishment, the men proceeded to discuss the the incident, according to local station KOTV.

“We’re good, I got enough jewelry, we’re good,” one man said, according to the station.

The dispatchers notified deputies, who said they traced the call and were able to catch Brewer when he tried to sell the jewelry at a pawn shop. Although the second suspect was able to flee the scene, deputies said they are closing in on him, KOTV reports.

Brewer is being held at the Pittsburg County Criminal Justice Center and faces a charge second-degree burglary, according to KJRH.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time suspects have alerted police to their activities via their butts.

In May, suspects in Fresno, Calif., were picked up after unwittingly calling 911 and discussing drug use and burglary plans, police said. After they were arrested, police told the suspects how they were located, according to ABC News.

“This fool really called 911?” one said, according to ABC. “Damn.”

Similarly, authorities said an Oregon woman butt-dialed police while discussing a drug deal involving methamphetamine, NBC reports.


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