This article originally appeared on Huffington Post by Kate Abbey-Lambertz on July 21st, 2014.

Here’s a volatile combination: nudity, guns, drugs and pizza.

At least for Phillip Engle, the 27-year-old man who found himself in a not-so-happy situation at Happy’s Pizza in Muskegon Charter Township, Michigan, this weekend.

Engle, who lives next door, allegedly showed up at the pizzeria wearing just a towel Saturday evening, with his three young children in tow. According to the police incident report, Engle was carrying a gun, and he used it to bang on the glass door until it shattered. The gun then allegedly discharged, and police found a bullet casing lodged in the door’s metal frame.

Officers who responded to the scene say they found Engle on his porch with a handgun. He threw the gun in the yard when ordered to drop it. Later he told them that he had three loaded guns in his home, which they confiscated for safekeeping.

An employee at Happy’s Pizza told an officer from the Muskegon Township Police Department that when Engle was at the shop, he yelled, “No one will help me,” and “No one will feed my kids!” He also allegedly said, “I’m trippin’ out!”

Engle reportedly told police that he had earlier consumed four hits of LSD.

One of Engle’s young children told officers that her father had also shot the dashboard of their car because it wouldn’t stop beeping. They found a spent casing on the dashboard and what appeared to be a bullet hole.

According to Fox 17, Engle’s wife said she took out a personal protection order from him.

Engle was arraigned on four misdemeanor charges Monday: malicious destruction of property worth $200 to $1,000, careless discharge of a firearm, reckless use of a firearm and possession of a firearm while under the influence.