This article was originally published on The Huffington Post by David Moye on January 12, 2017.

A Florida man accused of burglarizing his neighbor’s home while naked allegedly gave police an excuse that can only be described as “seedy.”

He said he was looking for sesame seeds for his burger, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Martin Henderson, 48, of Largo, Florida, was arrested Jan. 5 after he allegedly broke into his neighbor’s home using a butter knife on the door, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Police said he was naked during the robbery.

William Loland was asleep with his girlfriend when he heard a commotion in their kitchen.

“I get up, I see this guy, because I only had my night light on in the kitchen. I thought it was a woman because he had long hair, and he was all nude. I thought it was a woman because he had a pot belly,” Loland told FOX 13 News. “So I asked, ‘How did you get in my house? Who are you?”

Loland told the station he grabbed Henderson by the neck and pushed him towards the door.

“He was still naked. I said, ‘You’re lucky I don’t knock you out.’ He said, ‘I don’t think you can.’ So that’s when I hit him. That’s when I hit him twice.”

Loland then called 911 and the responding officers arrested Henderson.

Henderson allegedly told police he had been smoking synthetic marijuana before going for his bizarre search for sesame seeds, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Henderson faces charges of burglary and possession of a burglary tool.