This article was originally published on by Jayme Deerwester on August 23, 2017

The rancorous 2009 divorce of the Gosselins from TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 has long since faded from the headlines, but their children are still feeling the after-effects.

On Tuesday afternoon, police in Wyomissing, Pa., were called to an orthodontist’s office after the couple began arguing over which parent would be taking one of their 13-year old sextuplets home from her appointment, local newspaper The Reading Eagle and Entertainment Tonight report.

The Eagle report noted officers arrived after 1 p.m. and escorted Kate Gosselin, 42, out of the office following a heated dispute with her ex-husband, 40.

“We ended up asking the child, ‘Who do you want to go home with?'” Wyomissing Police Chief Jeffrey R. Biehl told the paper. “She wanted to go home with her dad. Mrs. Gosselin didn’t like that and she got loud, so we asked her to leave.”

Biehl called it a “non-incident,” noting neither was arrested or charged with anything.

The Gosselins, who were married from 1999 to 2009 had eight children together: a pair of 16-year-old female twins and 13-year-old sextuplets (three of each gender).

In a November 2016 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon described his relationship with his ex-wife as “bad right now,” claiming that “Kate tells my kids a lot of stuff, and they tell me. I don’t want to get my kids in trouble, but she pretty much alienates me.”

At the time, he said his ex let him see only four of his children at a time and he has no say in which ones he’d see during his allotted one-dinner-per week and every-other-weekend custody arrangement.