This article was originally published on by Sara Belmont on December 2, 2016

(IOWA CITY) — An Iowa State Patrol commander has lost his job, weeks after a state agency said he failed to pay child support for years to a former dispatcher with whom he has a daughter.

Records show Lt. Kelly Hindman’s failure to support the now 7-year-old girl continued even as his salary reached six figures and her mother struggled financially.

Hours after The Associated Press inquired about Hindman’s child support matter, the Iowa Department of Public Safety said he “left employment” Thursday after a 28-year career. Hindman had been on leave since Oct. 26.

In September, the Child Support Recovery Unit obtained an order requiring the state to withhold income from Hindman’s paycheck. Hindman in October paid $47,790 to satisfy overdue obligations — or 4½ years of payments.

Hindman drew media attention after a 2015 Facebook post saying he wanted a sniper to shoot an ESPN college basketball announcer. After an internal investigation, Hindman kept his supervisory position.


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