This article was originally published on by Madeleine O’Neill on September 26, 2016
ERIE, Pa. — Jurors heard a graphic description of an Erie woman’s death Monday as the prosecution and defense gave opening statements in Marquice D. Evans’ homicide trial.

Assistant Erie County District Attorney Paul Sellers said Sherry Lyons, 58, was “brutally murdered” in her East 27th Street home on June 23, 2015, and said the evidence would show Evans to be guilty of first-degree murder in Lyons’ death

During his 15-minute opening statement, Sellers said Lyons had been killed after Evans and a woman, Teonia T. Kimbro, stole money from Lyons’ bank account using an ATM card Lyons lent to Kimbro.

Sellers said text messages would show Evans and Kimbro conspired to kill Lyons to prevent police from getting involved in the theft.

“Ultimately, Sherry Lyons is dead because Marquice Evans wanted an extra $100,” Sellers said.

Sellers said Lyons had been severely beaten and died of suffocating asphyxiation after duct tape was wrapped tightly around her head, covering her eyes, nose and mouth.

“She was unable to take a full breath of oxygen,” Sellers said.

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