This article was originally published on Huffpost Crime by Nina Golgowski on April 6, 2016 

Terrifying video shows a car repeatedly trying to run a motorcyclist off Florida roads in an extreme road rage battle.

The dangerous game of cat and mouse reportedly hit speeds of more than 90 mph Monday in Homestead as the motorcyclist tried to escape the other driver.

At one point the cyclist is seen dodging cars in the opposite lane of traffic as the red Ford Fusion follows parallel on the other side.

“I’m just like, ‘Man, I’m on a motorcycle. My life is literally in your hands,’” Rone Gonzalez, 23, who was operating the bike and helmet cam, told WSVN.

High-Speed Motorcycle vs. Car Road Rage Battle Caught On Tape

Gonzalez said he was heading to work when the other driver cut him off, causing him to lose his cool.

He’s seen making crude hand gestures at the other driver. At one point, he smacks the car’s side-view mirror.

The other driver, identified by police as 30-year-old Kristiian Rosa, is seen weaving in and out of lanes ahead of the cyclist. He appears to lean out of his car to try spitting on the cyclist and even tries to hit him with his arm.

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