This article was originally published on Huffington Post by Nina Golgowski.

A 4-year-old girl is recovering after she fell out of a bus’ back door and tumbled onto a road in a horrifying incident that was captured on video by an emergency medical technician who came to her aide.

Ryan Ciampoli, a licensed EMT and volunteer firefighter, was driving behind the bus in Harrison, Arkansas, last week when his dash cam captured its door suddenly swing open, exposing a child dangling from its handle, 40/29 News reported.

Within seconds, the girl fell out like a rag doll onto the ground as the bus continued to drive off without her.

“It was just unbelievable,” Ciampoli told CNN of Wednesday’s terrifying sight. “It was heartbreaking, but instantly I used my EMS training and firefighter training and assessed the scene as best I could.”


Ciampoli can be seen hurrying over to the child’s body in the road. As he approaches her, she begins to move.

“Typically, in EMS, we’re not supposed to move the patient unless they’re in a pretty dangerous situation. And because she was on the state highway there in Harrison, Arkansas, it was grounds to get her out of there,” he said.

Ciampoli carefully picked the girl up and out of the way of any oncoming traffic. Once out of the road, he said, her “shock kicked in.”

“She started kicking and screaming and ‘Where’s my mommy?’ and things like that. Stuff like that is really heartbreaking,” he told 40/29 News.

The little girl was hospitalized with a broken jaw, which will reportedly require surgery.

Harrison police told CNN on Monday that the driver of the bus, which belongs to a church, is not expected to face charges.

As for how this all happened, children told police that the girl went and opened the door on her own. After seeing her fall, they alerted the driver, who pulled over, police told CNN.

Police Chief Paul Woodruff called the ordeal a “tragic accident.”