This article originally appeared on New York Post by Emily Saul on August 11th, 2016. 

A once-fugitive vegan restaurateur and her spouse — who were brought to justice because they foolishly ordered verboten cheese pizza to their hideaway — are parting ways, The Post has learned.


Sarma Melngailis and Anthony Strangis were in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday for brief — and separate — appearances. After she was finished, she darted out of court to avoid seeing her now-estranged husband, sources said.

The couple have decided to divorce, a source said Wednesday.

Melngailis, 43, posted $350,000 bail. Strangis, 35, remains locked up.

She is accused of swiping of $2 million from her celebrity-packed “organic-raw-vegan” eatery, Gramercy Park’s Pure Food and Wine — a popular hangout for the likes of Katie Holmes, Alec Baldwin and Bill Clinton.

The two are also charged with shortchanging employees and failing to pay sales tax.

The blonde foodie’s lawyer Sheila Trendy refused to comment on her client’s matrimonial troubles.

“We feel that we have a very strong defense, and we are certainly prepared take the case to trial with he evidence that we have to,” Trendy said.

Strangis’ attorney Samuel Karliner also declined comment.

The duo were nabbed in Tennessee in May after nearly a year on the run, when cops followed a Domino’s order to their hotel room.