This article was originally published on by Tim Hahn on November 2, 2018

Investigators also found suspected marijuana, cash during Friday morning search.

Erie police seized a large quantity of suspected crystal meth, along with a quantity of suspected marijuana and cash, in a drug investigation that stemmed from the search for a wanted person.

Deputy Chief Mike Nolan said Friday morning that the 8 ounces of suspected crystal meth seized during the search of an apartment in the 800 block of East Avenue Friday morning was the largest seizure of the drug that he had ever seen in Erie.

“It’s relatively new to this area,” said Nolan, who was a longtime member of the bureau’s Drug & Vice Unit before becoming deputy chief. “We’ve had some lower-grade meth.”

Nolan added that it’s “highly doubtful” that anyone around here manufactured the drug.

Two members of the bureau’s Neighborhood Action Team found the suspected crystal meth and suspected marijuana while visiting the East Avenue apartment building on Thursday night in an attempt to serve an unrelated arrest warrant.