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Child Pornography Attorneys in Erie, PA

The criminal defense attorneys at Sebald, Hackwelder, & Knox represent clients charged with child pornography in state and federal court. Our offices are located in Erie, PA, but we have represented clients across the state on these serious charges. Federal and state child pornography statutes prohibit the production, possession, receipt, mailing, sale, distribution, shipment, or transportation of child pornography. 

Child Pornography Crime Defense Attorneys Erie PA Sebald, Hackwelder, & Knox

The federal statutes that criminalize sexual abuse and exploitation of minors prohibit conduct across a spectrum of activity, including the following:

  • actual abuse;
  • transporting minors with intent to abuse;
  • commercial exploitation;
  • promotion of abuse;
  • the receipt, distribution, advertisement, or possession of child pornography; or
  • engaging in abusive or exploitative enterprises.

Never make a statement to any law enforcement officer until after you have retained our experienced criminal defense attorneys. If you are under investigation for any accusation involving the exploitation of children, then call the child pornography defense attorneys at Sebald, Hackwelder, & Knox to discuss your case.

Have Questions about Child Pornography Charges? 

What is the jail time for being convicted of child pornography crimes?

Federal convictions of child pornography offenses can result in decades of jail time. For those convicted of being in possession of child pornography, a prison sentence may be as long as 10 years. If the minor depicted in the pornography is under the age of 12, a prison sentence could be up to 20 years.

What type of activities constitutes a child pornography charge?

Posessing any type of visual media (images or photographs) depicting a minor (an individual under the age of 18) in a sexually explicit way is considered child pornography. Under federal law, undeveloped film, video tape, and electronically stored data are also considered child pornography as they can be converted into a visual media depicting a child in a sexually explicit way.

How can I be acquitted of crimes involving child pornography?

As child pornography is a form of child exploitation, it is very challenging to be acquitted of crimes involving this type of pornography. Children and minors are highly protected from exploitation (especially sexually) at both a state and federal level. If you’ve been charged with crimes involving child pornography, your best bet is to get an attorney who is experienced in defending this type of case to fight for you.

What does federal law mean by “explicit” in terms of child pornography?

The federal government does not require that images considered to be child pornography involve a minor engaged in sexual activity for the images, videos or other visuals to be deemed as explicit. This is because a naked picture of a child is sexually suggestive, which means that it also would fall under the category of “explicit.”

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Eric was great. Very professional and very knowledgeable of the law. Attorney Hackwelder and his partner were able to resolve my particular case quickly and to my benefit. Good job!


We were extremely satisfied with Attorney Sebald and Attorney Hackwelder. Highly recommend. You want that piece of mind when you get into legal trouble call these guys. You won't be disappointed.


I am more than pleased with my experience with attorney Hackwelder. He is knowledgeable and got us a great result. I would highly recommend hiring Attorney Hackwelder.


Attorney Sebald did a great job handling my case. I was cited improperly for a traffic accident, and Steve and his partner were able to resolve the situation quickly and with great professionalism.


Mr. Sebald is honest with you from the beginning and will do everything he can to get the best possible outcome.

MichaelErie, PA

I have many good things to say about Mr. Hackwelder and his team. From the beginning he came to our aid last minute and were good at keeping open lines of communication with me and my family. They worked on our case up to the last possible moment and even met with me on weekends. He answered all my questions throughout the whole process, was polite and did not waste time. The case was an extremely hard one, and the legal system was a bear to work with, but Mr. Hackwelder showed up every time with lots of energy and a positive attitude. He never promised what could not be done, but our results were extremely positive, in part to his hard work and constant attention to important details. I highly recommend him and his team. Mr. Hackwelder, I believe, went above and beyond the call of duty in our unique circumstance.


Because I listened to his expert advice, I will serve NO prison time, NO jail time, and my fine was minimal. Thanks again Stephen for a tough uphill battle, and you never gave up.

JohnErie, PA

Attorney Sebald represented me in 2005 for a DUI. So when I was facing legal problems again in 2015 for getting 3 DUI's in a 5 month period due to an addiction to alcohol I knew I needed him to represent me again. Mr. Sebald truly cares about his clients. I met with him we discussed my case and what I was facing. He guided me on what I should do. He doesn't sugar coat things. Mr. Sebald is honest with you from the beginning and will do...


Steve has helped us numerous times. He has been there for us when ever we call and made himself available in a moments notice when necessary. He knows just what to do and is also great at dealing with the emotional side of the situation. We trust him completely and would highly recommend Steve.


Stephen Sebald far exceeded my expectations. As a result of trusting in his extensive knowledge of the law & him working diligently on my case, charges were substantially reduced. He was always on call & went above & beyond in my case. Excellent defense attorney!