This article was origionally published on on October 10, 2016

WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. – A man was arrested Monday morning after police said he shot at and chased after a car that his baby was in.

Police said David Jackson, 25, got into an argument over custody with his son’s mother in Pittsburgh’s Arlington Heights neighborhood. He then went into an apartment on Cordell Place and came out with a gun. He fired the gun at the car, hitting the driver’s side while the baby was in the back seat.

The incident intensified when Jackson and another man, Rayshawn Springs, got into another car and chased after the one carrying Jackson’s son, the child’s mother and two other adults.

While Springs drove, Jackson fired at least one more shot at the other car, hitting its taillight, police said. The chase continued into West Mifflin, where police arrested Jackson after the child’s mother called a friend who called 911.

According to police, Jackson admitted to firing the gun, which he said he aimed low at the car in order to scare those inside.

Jackson and Springs are charged with several counts of reckless endangement and endangering the welfare of a child.

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