This article originally appeared on Huffington Post by David Moye on July 18th, 2016.

A Pennsylvania man in jail on burglary charges is now accused of using a human brain to get high.

Joshua Long, 26, was charged Friday with abuse of a corpse after his aunt found the brain underneath the front porch of a vacant trailer in Penn Township, according to

The brain was in a display container ― the kind you might see in a museum ― and stuffed into a Walmart bag, according to PennLive.

The trailer is the former home of Robby Zoller and Angela Micklo, two robbery suspects currently wanted by police. Micklo is Long’s aunt.

Police said the brain was found last month. A family member subsequently contacted Long at Cumberland County Prison to find out why there was a brain in a Walmart bag at the house.

Long allegedly said that he and Zoller had used the formaldehyde that preserved the brain to smoke “wet” marijuana, according to an affidavit obtained by

Police claim Long and his smoking buddy had given the brain the nickname of “Freddy.”


This undated photo provided by the Cumberland County Prison in Carlisle, Pa., shows Joshua Lee Long. Pennsylvania State Police charged Long on Thursday, July 14, 2016, with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy, accusing Long of spraying fluid used to embalm a human brain on marijuana before smoking it. 


Long allegedly told investigators he knew it was illegal to have the human brain,according to the Associated Press.

Cumberland County coroner Charley Hall believes “Freddy” is probably a stolen teaching specimen, according to

Long is currently being held in Cumberland County Prison being in lieu of $100,000 bail for his alleged role in a string of burglaries.

Smoking “wet” marijuana is an emerging trend according to the DEA. Users soak joints in embalming fluid before drying them to get an added hallucinogenic effect. These joints are extremely carcinogenic and can cause long-term health problems, including brain damage.