This article was origionally published on by Tim Hahn on May 27, 2016. 

ERIE, Pa. — Erie police accuse a Buffalo, New York, man of stealing more items from Cathedral Preparatory School students.

Robert A. Drewry, 50, who was arraigned earlier this week on charges of stealing cash and iPhones belonging to Cathedral Prep hockey players from a locker room at the Erie Insurance Arena in February 2015, was charged Friday with stealing an iPad and $290 in cash from the Prep & Villa Events Center, 501 W. 12th St., in October 2012.

Police accuse Drewry of entering the facility and taking the items as Cathedral Prep football players and coaches were practicing on the football field, according to the criminal complaint filed by Erie police Detective David Walker.

Walker wrote in the complaint that Cathedral Prep coach Mike Mischler reported the thefts in 2012 and provided police with surveillance video of the suspect. Mischler contacted Erie police again on Wednesday after hearing reports of Drewry’s arraignment in the other case, and when police again reviewed the surveillance video from the events center they were able to confirm that Drewry was the suspect in the theft, according to the complaint.

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