This article was originally published on by Tim Hahn on April 24, 2018

Lawrence Park Township police said a 14-year-old junior high school student at Iroquois High School faces terroristic threats and disorderly conduct charges in a gun threat incident at the school on Friday afternoon.

The student was placed in the Edmund L. Thomas Juvenile Detention Center and faces the criminal charges in the incident, which police took seriously, Lawrence Park Township Police Chief John Morell said Tuesday.

According to a posting on the Iroquois School District’s website, the student verbalized a threat to bring a gun to school on Friday afternoon. Other students alerted school officials and the high school’s administrative team interviewed the student, who admitted to making “a series of inappropriate comments,” according to the posting. Officials said the student was immediately suspended and was banned from school property.

Morrell said township police are at the school this week “just to be a presence.” The incident was isolated and there were no other reported threats, he said.

The incident happened two days after Erie police said a 12-year-old Saint Luke Catholic School student made a comment about bringing a gun to school while the student was on a bus. Another student who heard the comment reported it, and the student was later located at the school and the room he was in was searched, officials reported.

The boy was also charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.